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All our sales department staffs possess Real Estate Transaction Specialist license.

  • Curiosity is my power. Jun Nakagawa
  • Same passion for 20 years Junichiro Wada
  • Work hard and flexible. Hideki Sakaki
  • Meet with goodness and unknown.Naoki Tanaka
  • Gentlemen are the most powerful.Yoshinori Kasuya
  • Always motivated. (Genki)Genki Nakano
  • Always energetic!Tomomi Tsunoda
  • Details means how much we care. Youiti Otsuki
  • Reset, update, every day!Yuka Miura
  • Smile is the best makeupLi SzuJung
  • Be persistent!Yunyu Kan
  • Support our customers with all our hearts.Keiko Sato
  • Chances are let to the end.Huiwen Chuang